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Cats and Dogs living together

kittens and puppies,dogs and cats living together
History shows cats and dogs as two species with the reputation of being mortal enemies to such an extend that the mere existence of them together in the same household is unthinkable. But latest studies have shown this to be a popular misunderstanding more than anything else.

Dogs, genetically speaking, are animals with predatory instincts which love to chase down small fast moving objects and cats fits the description perfectly. In a similar manner, cats are animals known to defend themselves fiercely. So the basic hostility between the two species is understandable. But its very easy to have the cats and dogs living together under the same household if you know how to introduce them properly.

dogs and cats, puppies and dogs,
The trick to having any animals to live together and get along is to introduce them at an early age. Puppies are generally very trustful at early stages and kittens if not scared tend to get along after 1 or 2 days as well. So introducing them is quite easy and just needs supervision for a few days.

Introducing kittens to dogs are also quite easy as most dogs don't find threat in small animals but its necessary to make sure that the dogs don't hurt the kittens in the excitement while playing.

Introducing puppies to cats on the other hand may prove troublesome especially to cats who reign supreme in that household. Here the puppies have to be introduced in such a manner so as not to offend the cat in any way. Cats are hurt easily by preferential treatment.
It is also interesting to note that mother cats who have lost thier kittens tend to adapt puppies , chicks etc. as their sons and daughters.

kittens and dogsIntroducing grown cats and dogs may be the most difficult and requires a careful approach. It s best first to keep the cat and dog separate for a few days in the same house so as to let both the animals get used to each other s smell. After that allow them to be in the same room for small periods of time which can be increased gradually. A friendly lick means they are starting to get along. Once they start to play together and share their food its safe to assume they get along fine.

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