Monday, March 3, 2008

American Bobtail cats and Tips on how to take care of them

American Bobtail cats are one of the new cat breeds that have become popular among owners for their cute look and lovable nature. They are medium sized having natural short straight tails and that is how they got the name ' BOBTAIL CAT'. They live for about 21 years and are considered to be mature at 3 years age. They are bred in two varities - The short haired and long haired ( traditional) bobtail cats. They are seen in wide range of colors among which white and brown considered most popular.

One of the unique features is the fact that many allergic people find no problems in tolerating Bobtail cats and they are not hence considered hypoallergenic. They make excellent house pets and mingle well with children and other pets in the family , their nature being friendly, social and talkative. They are also considered the most loyal and intelligent among cats and adapt well to all kinds of environment making them an ideal cat for any family. In general they are a healthy breed of cats and the only problem that may arise is when they lack a tail completely which may cause certain problems to the spine.

One of the most cutest and lovable cats , AMERICAN BOBTAIL CAT is surely the right choice when it comes to a cute , loving and loyal pet.

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