Friday, April 18, 2008

The Bombay Cats

The Bombay is a rare breed of cats . Nikki Horner crossed sable Burmese with pure black American Bobtail with the intention of creating a "miniature black panther" and finally was developed in 1958 . Bombays are a muscular healthy breed which usually come with a short satiny black coat and do not require much grooming as they groom themselves but the cat maybe brushed regularly to get rid of dead hairs .This is not much of a show cat . Sometimes Bombays are seen with sable coats as well . This is a recessive trait and NOT a health problem . These cats live upto 12 to 20 years and for companionship from family members and would mostly follow them to be in action or it will settle down on someone's lap (hence the name "lap cats") or will find someone to play with . This is not a shy cat and socializes very easily making a great family pet but it has a tendency to dominate other pets in the household and this may cause problems . Though a loud and active cat Bombay breed prefers a calm environment without much loud and startling noises and too much exposure to such may cause a nervous disorder in the cat and it will start losing fur from tail and stomach . Few Bombays are prone to a genetic disorder known as Burmese Carniofacial Defect in which the cat will possess a defomed skull a result of certain crossbreeding . Bombay Cats make great pets and should have a monitored diet since they are prone to obesity .

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