Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Siamese Cats and How to take care of them

The Siamese Cats are one of the oldest and well known breed of domestic cats. They live long and are generally very affectionate and human loving cats. They are loved by millions around the world for their very calm and loving nature. They are intelligent companionship seeking cats whether it be as a lap warmer or playing with a yarn on the floor.

They usually become friends with other pets in the family like dogs and hence easy to raise in the house hold. They are very intelligent though training them can be a challenge some times.
They require more care during the evening and are suitable for apartment life as well. They love the indoor.

One of the Siamese cats characteristics is its loud voice which be a problem sometimes. The traditional cats tend to be quite though the modern ones are quite loud. Though some tend to be very talkative some don't have much to say and will be happy just to be on your lap.

They do also have the tendency to climb to high places like book case etc so its best to keep antiques locked up when a siamesse cat is around.

They are usually healthy cats with good appetites which live long and hence require less care.

So if you want a good companion for yourself , your kids or anyone else Siamese Cats are the way to go especially considering their indoor nature.

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