Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abyssinian Cats - Tips to raise them

Abyssinian Cats , cats which resemble a Puma or Cougar , are one of the oldest cat breeds of the world thought to have originated from Ethiopia (formerly called as Abyssinia) though it is still not confirmed.

Abyssinian cats are average sized cats weighing about 10 pounds which lives for around 20 years. They are seen in several colors ruddy, red, sorrel , blue, fawn etc being the most popular. These cats are considered intelligent as well as capable of living independent. They aren't the lap cats kind and like to roam around and hate confinement. They are high energy cats which like jumping on to high places and runnig around.

They are generally healthy but may develop certain stomach problems and vomiting which can be controlled through proper diet. They may also develop certain kidney disorders and retinal problems as well so care has to be taken and trips to the vet should not be avoided.
All in all really good companions and loved by children due to their energy these cats are loved by millions around the world.

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