Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cat Litter Training

 cat litter training
Training a cat to have its litter at the same place is one of the most difficult aspects of training a cat. A cat is an animal which is sensitive to smell and its therefore very important that we know how to handle them properly else it will be a very futile pursuit. I used to have my cat litter on different carpets each time which made my life very difficult until my friend told me certain tips that helped me understand my cat and train it to litter at one particular place. Am sure any cat lover will find these tips for cat litter training very useful.

The 1st and most important thing is to provide is to provide the cat a litter box that is of enough size for the cat to move around and dig. It should be kept at a special location preferably a dark place where the cat can escape to whenever it wants to without any disturbance. Also its very important that u treat the cat in the beginning every time the cat uses the box. While doing this you should keep in mind not to be disturbing its privacy as well. The box should be cleaned daily. This is very important so the cat doesn't feel like wanting to change locations due to same smell.

Also if you are introducing a new cat or kitten then be sure to confine the cat with the new litter box for some time so to get it used the surrounding environment.

These measures will go a long way in ensuring u have a litter trained cat or kitten.

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