Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birman cats - the 3rd most popular longhair breed

Birman is the third popular long haired cat. This is an average sized cat with the males weighing from 8 to 12 pounds and the females from 7 to 9 pounds. This beautiful cat has a coat which requires very little grooming. The face usually has a lighter colour and the body a darker shde with golden shades more popular. This cat's distinctive identification feature is its sapphire blue eyes and white paws. Their coats though long, are not dense so it is not prone to matting. Birmans make good pets and enjoy human company. It is considered to be soft spoken but are social, friendly and sweet. The adapt quickly to changes and are a healthy breed.They adore their family, require very little training and will learn using the litter box by themselves.

Monday, March 3, 2008

American Bobtail cats and Tips on how to take care of them

American Bobtail cats are one of the new cat breeds that have become popular among owners for their cute look and lovable nature. They are medium sized having natural short straight tails and that is how they got the name ' BOBTAIL CAT'. They live for about 21 years and are considered to be mature at 3 years age. They are bred in two varities - The short haired and long haired ( traditional) bobtail cats. They are seen in wide range of colors among which white and brown considered most popular.

One of the unique features is the fact that many allergic people find no problems in tolerating Bobtail cats and they are not hence considered hypoallergenic. They make excellent house pets and mingle well with children and other pets in the family , their nature being friendly, social and talkative. They are also considered the most loyal and intelligent among cats and adapt well to all kinds of environment making them an ideal cat for any family. In general they are a healthy breed of cats and the only problem that may arise is when they lack a tail completely which may cause certain problems to the spine.

One of the most cutest and lovable cats , AMERICAN BOBTAIL CAT is surely the right choice when it comes to a cute , loving and loyal pet.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abyssinian Cats - Tips to raise them

Abyssinian Cats , cats which resemble a Puma or Cougar , are one of the oldest cat breeds of the world thought to have originated from Ethiopia (formerly called as Abyssinia) though it is still not confirmed.

Abyssinian cats are average sized cats weighing about 10 pounds which lives for around 20 years. They are seen in several colors ruddy, red, sorrel , blue, fawn etc being the most popular. These cats are considered intelligent as well as capable of living independent. They aren't the lap cats kind and like to roam around and hate confinement. They are high energy cats which like jumping on to high places and runnig around.

They are generally healthy but may develop certain stomach problems and vomiting which can be controlled through proper diet. They may also develop certain kidney disorders and retinal problems as well so care has to be taken and trips to the vet should not be avoided.
All in all really good companions and loved by children due to their energy these cats are loved by millions around the world.

American Long Hair Cat - Facts and Tips yo be known for taking care of them

The American Long hair cats or the Domestic Long hair as they are commonly called cats are one of the most commonly seen cats in America. They are the same breed as Domestic Short Hair cats and are believed to have been brought to America in ships for hunting rats and were later bred selectively to have the Domestic Long hair cats. The pure breed are referred to as American Long Hairs or American Long hair.

The long haired cats require good care as the long hair though it may look beautiful may lead to the cat's poor health as well. The cats require regular grooming especially for those which are reluctant to groom itself and regular baths in one to two weeks as their hair are prone to infection. For these obvious reasons they make really bad outdoor cats.

They are generally a healthy breed of cats with wide variety of colors and many patterns . They are some times prone to obesity and hence their fitness has to be monitored. They are a part of the WORKING CATS family and make good companions to all families. For more questions please comment below.



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