Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blue Cat , history, pics and heaslth care tips


Blue cat also known as Russian blue cat is a cat believed to have originated from northern Russia near Archangel Isles. Originally known as Archangel cat or Foreign blue, the cat made its way into Europe and is now found in Britain as the British Blue cat and also in many other parts of the world. It is believed that the sailors were responsible in the spreading of this cat breed outside Russia.
Russian blue cat

blue kitten
The blue cat is a a medium sized cat with a bluish gray colour. The fur of Russian blue cat is considered unique due to the double coat it possess which gives it a shimmering appearance. They have green eyes and are quite playful. Blue cats make great companions and are loved by people around the world for their loving nature. They develop really close bonds with humans and are generally shy with strangers making them loyal cats. They are easy to take care of and any signs of health dis orders can be noted from the fur texture and eyes which should be dark and vivid in healthy circumstances. They are not the type known to be high maintanence and can be ideal as travelling companions as well.

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Cat Litter Training

 cat litter training
Training a cat to have its litter at the same place is one of the most difficult aspects of training a cat. A cat is an animal which is sensitive to smell and its therefore very important that we know how to handle them properly else it will be a very futile pursuit. I used to have my cat litter on different carpets each time which made my life very difficult until my friend told me certain tips that helped me understand my cat and train it to litter at one particular place. Am sure any cat lover will find these tips for cat litter training very useful.

The 1st and most important thing is to provide is to provide the cat a litter box that is of enough size for the cat to move around and dig. It should be kept at a special location preferably a dark place where the cat can escape to whenever it wants to without any disturbance. Also its very important that u treat the cat in the beginning every time the cat uses the box. While doing this you should keep in mind not to be disturbing its privacy as well. The box should be cleaned daily. This is very important so the cat doesn't feel like wanting to change locations due to same smell.

Also if you are introducing a new cat or kitten then be sure to confine the cat with the new litter box for some time so to get it used the surrounding environment.

These measures will go a long way in ensuring u have a litter trained cat or kitten.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to introduce a new kitten or cat to other pets ?

Introducing a new kitten in an household can always be difficult, i remember the 1st time i tried introducing a Persian kitten to my Siamese mother cat. She hissed at such a high frequency, it scared everyone in the house and i had to leave the Persian kitten at my friend's place. We always wonder why we cant just tell the mother cat to take care of this poor orphan kitten.

After this bitter experience , i set out to find out what i had to do to ensure the same experience never happened again and it turned out to be very simple yet very effective. First and foremost one must realize no cat can be made to adjust to another cat or kitten in a single day. The process has to be slow so as make sure the distress levels are minimum.

Hissing is a common welcome given by all cats to new comers and its bound to happen almost always. But at the same time it will subside in around a couple of weeks. The mother cat must be made to familiarize the smell of the kitten. We can do that by making the kittens of the cat as well as the new kitten play together or by exchanging blankets or both. The key to the process is to make sure the mother cat feels calm and happy by providing her treats whenever the new kitten comes or so on. This is improtant inorder to prevent jealousy. Once the kitten starts playing with other kittens in front of the mother cat it will be safe to assume the cat is at ease and in a week or two am sure they will all be sharing the same domain. The important thing to remember at all times is to give it proper space in the beginning and then merge the spaces slowly together.

This worked for me and am sure it will for you as well. For any advise comment below.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny cat captions and photos

I ain't afraid of the dark!!

The most funniest photos you have ever seen. More photos below.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Bombay Cats

The Bombay is a rare breed of cats . Nikki Horner crossed sable Burmese with pure black American Bobtail with the intention of creating a "miniature black panther" and finally was developed in 1958 . Bombays are a muscular healthy breed which usually come with a short satiny black coat and do not require much grooming as they groom themselves but the cat maybe brushed regularly to get rid of dead hairs .This is not much of a show cat . Sometimes Bombays are seen with sable coats as well . This is a recessive trait and NOT a health problem . These cats live upto 12 to 20 years and for companionship from family members and would mostly follow them to be in action or it will settle down on someone's lap (hence the name "lap cats") or will find someone to play with . This is not a shy cat and socializes very easily making a great family pet but it has a tendency to dominate other pets in the household and this may cause problems . Though a loud and active cat Bombay breed prefers a calm environment without much loud and startling noises and too much exposure to such may cause a nervous disorder in the cat and it will start losing fur from tail and stomach . Few Bombays are prone to a genetic disorder known as Burmese Carniofacial Defect in which the cat will possess a defomed skull a result of certain crossbreeding . Bombay Cats make great pets and should have a monitored diet since they are prone to obesity .

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Funny Cat photos - the cutest collection

Brush your teeth !!

Hold it right there or she gets it !!

Look mom .. I CAN FLY !!

Little red riding cat...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birman cats - the 3rd most popular longhair breed

Birman is the third popular long haired cat. This is an average sized cat with the males weighing from 8 to 12 pounds and the females from 7 to 9 pounds. This beautiful cat has a coat which requires very little grooming. The face usually has a lighter colour and the body a darker shde with golden shades more popular. This cat's distinctive identification feature is its sapphire blue eyes and white paws. Their coats though long, are not dense so it is not prone to matting. Birmans make good pets and enjoy human company. It is considered to be soft spoken but are social, friendly and sweet. The adapt quickly to changes and are a healthy breed.They adore their family, require very little training and will learn using the litter box by themselves.

Monday, March 3, 2008

American Bobtail cats and Tips on how to take care of them

American Bobtail cats are one of the new cat breeds that have become popular among owners for their cute look and lovable nature. They are medium sized having natural short straight tails and that is how they got the name ' BOBTAIL CAT'. They live for about 21 years and are considered to be mature at 3 years age. They are bred in two varities - The short haired and long haired ( traditional) bobtail cats. They are seen in wide range of colors among which white and brown considered most popular.

One of the unique features is the fact that many allergic people find no problems in tolerating Bobtail cats and they are not hence considered hypoallergenic. They make excellent house pets and mingle well with children and other pets in the family , their nature being friendly, social and talkative. They are also considered the most loyal and intelligent among cats and adapt well to all kinds of environment making them an ideal cat for any family. In general they are a healthy breed of cats and the only problem that may arise is when they lack a tail completely which may cause certain problems to the spine.

One of the most cutest and lovable cats , AMERICAN BOBTAIL CAT is surely the right choice when it comes to a cute , loving and loyal pet.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abyssinian Cats - Tips to raise them

Abyssinian Cats , cats which resemble a Puma or Cougar , are one of the oldest cat breeds of the world thought to have originated from Ethiopia (formerly called as Abyssinia) though it is still not confirmed.

Abyssinian cats are average sized cats weighing about 10 pounds which lives for around 20 years. They are seen in several colors ruddy, red, sorrel , blue, fawn etc being the most popular. These cats are considered intelligent as well as capable of living independent. They aren't the lap cats kind and like to roam around and hate confinement. They are high energy cats which like jumping on to high places and runnig around.

They are generally healthy but may develop certain stomach problems and vomiting which can be controlled through proper diet. They may also develop certain kidney disorders and retinal problems as well so care has to be taken and trips to the vet should not be avoided.
All in all really good companions and loved by children due to their energy these cats are loved by millions around the world.

American Long Hair Cat - Facts and Tips yo be known for taking care of them

The American Long hair cats or the Domestic Long hair as they are commonly called cats are one of the most commonly seen cats in America. They are the same breed as Domestic Short Hair cats and are believed to have been brought to America in ships for hunting rats and were later bred selectively to have the Domestic Long hair cats. The pure breed are referred to as American Long Hairs or American Long hair.

The long haired cats require good care as the long hair though it may look beautiful may lead to the cat's poor health as well. The cats require regular grooming especially for those which are reluctant to groom itself and regular baths in one to two weeks as their hair are prone to infection. For these obvious reasons they make really bad outdoor cats.

They are generally a healthy breed of cats with wide variety of colors and many patterns . They are some times prone to obesity and hence their fitness has to be monitored. They are a part of the WORKING CATS family and make good companions to all families. For more questions please comment below.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Siamese Cats and How to take care of them

The Siamese Cats are one of the oldest and well known breed of domestic cats. They live long and are generally very affectionate and human loving cats. They are loved by millions around the world for their very calm and loving nature. They are intelligent companionship seeking cats whether it be as a lap warmer or playing with a yarn on the floor.

They usually become friends with other pets in the family like dogs and hence easy to raise in the house hold. They are very intelligent though training them can be a challenge some times.
They require more care during the evening and are suitable for apartment life as well. They love the indoor.

One of the Siamese cats characteristics is its loud voice which be a problem sometimes. The traditional cats tend to be quite though the modern ones are quite loud. Though some tend to be very talkative some don't have much to say and will be happy just to be on your lap.

They do also have the tendency to climb to high places like book case etc so its best to keep antiques locked up when a siamesse cat is around.

They are usually healthy cats with good appetites which live long and hence require less care.

So if you want a good companion for yourself , your kids or anyone else Siamese Cats are the way to go especially considering their indoor nature.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Persion Cats - A look into why they are considered the most prised cats

The Persian cats is the most widely sought out cat breed in the world. No cat show will be complete without a Persian cat.They are believed to have originated in Central Asia in Persia ( IRAN ). They were then brought to Europe during the 17th century and has been very popular ever since through out the world. In Great Britain they are known as Longhairs for their majestic look.

This breed has a short and broad body type ( Cobby in other words). They have very short neck and well built body and strong legs which are well balanced . All Persian cats have large round adorable eyes , short broad nose, small ears as well as sweet chubby nose making them one of the most sought after and easily recognized cats in the world. They are some times classified as the Modern flat faced Persian and the Traditional doll-faced Persian . They can be seen in several colors like Golden, Silver, tabby, bi color, Himalayan etc.


The Persian is well known for its beauty and majestic look. They make wonderful pets and adapt easily to their environment. They are apt at jumping and is described as the calmest and docile of all cat breeds. They aren't the pushy type and don't demand your attention. They accept other pets in the family as well. They aren't the vocal types and tend to be fairly quiet. They are low maintenance type and are the indoor loving cats suited for your company at all times.

They require regular grooming and need to be cared for properly as they ain't the most healthy type of cats and may some times have respiratory problems. But all in all they make wonderful pets with whom you can have your cherished moments. So anyone having a Persian cat can consider themselves to be very lucky indeed.

Please post your comments and experiences on your cats and other pets.

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Grr....thats the spot!!

Cat got your tongue?

Baby sydney..

happy as can b....

Wat are u looking at?


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